Carpet Dyeing & Restoration

Carpet Dyeing & Restoration

Palmetto Magic Clean Carpet Care & Color can save you up to 75% over the cost of replacement of your carpet or area rug. We can dye any kind of carpet fiber, nylon, polypropylene, wool, and Triexta (the newest SmartStrand carpet)

Contact us to get a quote for repair (we will ask for a photo of the area to be repaired)

The most common cause of color loss in any residential or commercial setting is the use of bleach or other cleaning products. WE CAN REPAIR THEM! Bleach spots can appear in various colors such as white, yellow, orange or even blue. Regardless of the unsightly color, we can correct it! We can even correct bleach stains on patterned carpet often found in hotels.

Let us restore the color to your carpet or area rug and save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in replacement value!
Our custom mixed dyes will fix bleach spots on any color or pattern of carpet. Bleach stains can be unsightly for you in your home or at your commercial property; don’t learn to live with it, let us color correct your bleach stains, bleach spots, coffee stains, red dye stains, Kool-Aid or any other color issue you may have.

Not every stain can be removed through carpet cleaning if that is the case we can color correct it. We service a 100-mile radius around Columbia SC for color-related issues and for an additional service charge we will travel beyond that radius. We service ALL properties that have carpet in them.